Recording what you eat resembles seeing the multi-day of nourishment spread out before you.

    You can recognize your exceptional experiences, (for illustration, eating three everyday suppers and picking solid tidbits) and your negative behavior patterns, (for example, unfortunate eating late during the evening and drinking for the most part sugary beverages).

    There are various approaches to monitoring what you eat. You can record it on paper, keep notes on your PC or electronic gadget, or utilize an eating routine following site or application.


You track the occasions you eat, the nourishment you eat, partition sizes, and notes about what you were doing or feeling at the time utilizing the vast majority of these strategies.

How to Keep Track of What You Eat


Toward the day’s end, survey your sustenance list (Food Diary) and pose these inquiries:

To control hunger:

  • Did I eat well dinners?
  • Did I have filling nourishments (counting water) with each dinner or each tidbit?
  • Did I eat enough natural products, vegetables, and fiber from entire grains?
  • Did I plan for sound nibbling to help vanquish yearnings?

To decrease calories:

  • Did I keep parcels little?
  • Did I limit sugary, fatty sustenances, and drinks?
  • Did I incorporate foods grown from the ground with each supper or tidbit?
  • Did I eat when I was not ravenous? On the off chance that indeed, what was I feeling or doing that caused me to eat?


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